Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Video game crushes

I was sitting at working reading stuff on gaming websites and I came across a picture of Nathan Drake... Man he is so hot... even if he is just a video game character... then I realised something, what does the man behind the man really look like???

So I done a bit of investigating and I found out some of the voices to these insanely hot characters are voiced by some - not so hot men... 

Please note, there are other hotter game guys that I like to look at, but unfortunately, their "man behind the man" is actually good looking. This post is just the ones with the 'WTF' man behind the man....

(Oh and these are in order of the game character I think is hottest...)

5. Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2

His Voice: Troy Baker...

4.Chris Redfield from Resident Evil Saga (This one is from Resident evil 5)

Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith

3. Basch Von Ronsonberg from Final Fantasy XII 

Voiced by : Keith Ferguson

2. Nathan Drake from the Uncharted saga

Voiced by: Nolan North

1. Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solis series (Circa Metal Gear Solid 2)

Voiced by : David Hayter (or Sean Baker)

Mr. Lovelace out...

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